Silicon White Rubber Sheet

White Silicone Rubber Sheet has a smooth surface finish and is available in a selection of thicknesses. It is used in a very broad variety of applications; just some of which are listed below.


  • High temperature gaskets and seals for heating equipment.
  • For making seals for electrical applications that require good sealing characteristics and high dielectric strength.
  • Automotive gaskets and sealing strips.
  • For making insulating (thermal and electric) gaskets and seals for lighting fixtures.
  • Sealing strips used in construction.
  • Sealing air conditioning units and compressors.
  • Making seals for catering equipment.
  • Sealing water tanks, piping and beverage distribution equipment.

Normal Dimensions

Thickness: 0.8~50mm;
Width: 500~2000mm;
Length: optional on request.

Normal Packing:

50 kgs/roll, or 10 meters/roll.

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