GPTFE + Aramid Packing

The packing is braided from graphited PTFE yarns and enhanced with aramid (Kevlar) yarns on the corners. Compared with PA7140, it has better lubricity and thermal conductivity, and wider applications in high pressure working

PA7153 Graphited PTFE & aramid zebra-braided packing

It is a multi-yarn packing zebra-braided from graphited PTFE yarns and aramid (Kevlar) yarns. Compared with PA7150, it has better lubricity and thermal conductivity.


The packings feature the strength of aramid fibers, and the low friction and good thermal conductivity of graphited PTFE.
Widely used in reciprocating pumps, mixers, agitated reactors and valves in petrochemical, paper and sugar industries,
power stations, etc.


Temperature Pressure Shaft Speed PH Range Density
Rotating - 25bar
Reciprocating - 150bar
Valve - 200bar

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