Asbestos Packing with PTFE

Braided from low sulphur expanded graphite yarns which are reinforced by cotton fiber or glass fiber. The packing shows
good thermal conductivity, chemical resistance and high elasticity. In addition, it has low friction factor and does not
damage the shafts or stems.


PA1000 & PA1000C are multi-service packings capable of a wide variety of uses throughout a plant. They can be used in
valves, pumps, expansion joints, mixers and agitators in high temperature, high pressure environments of hydrogenation
plants, paper mills, power stations, refineries and industries where effective sealing is vital.

A recommended method is to use the graphite packing rings in conjunction with Uni-seals PR1600 carbon fiber anti-
extrusion packing rings.

Forms of Supply:

In coils, e.g. 5kgs or 10kgs per coil;
As for packing rings (PR1000, PR1000C).

Service Limits:

Temperature Pressure Shaft Speed PH Range Density
-220°C~+550°C (+650°C in steam)
20bar, 20m/s

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