Ceramic Fiber Packing

Square braided from high quality ceramic fiber yarns which are manufactured mainly from alumina-silica materials. The
packing has characteristics of high temperature stability, low thermal conductivity, low heat storage, excellent thermal
shock resistance, light weight, and good corrosion resistance. It resists most corrosive agents except hydrofluoric acid,
phosphoric acid, and hot concentrated alkalis.


As static seal packings, widely used as thermal insulation and fire-proof material in vessels, heaters, manhole lids, etc.
PA6500G is normally used in valves as static seal under high temperature. Suitable for chemically neutral mediums such
as water, steam, air, oils and so on..

Normal Packing:

5kgs or 10kgs per roll, then 20kgs in a woven bag or carton.


Maximum Temperature Density
PA6500, PA6510 - 0.5~0.7g/cm3
PA6500G - 0.6~0.8g/cm3

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