Graphite + Carbon Fiber Packing

The packing is braided from low sulphur expanded graphite yarns which are reinforced with high strength, high modulus
continuous carbon fiber filament in each single yarn. It is then impregnated in mixture of graphite powder, molybdenum
disulfide and PTFE emulsion, and processed with high temperature curing treatment. The packing shows excellent
chemical stability, thermal conductivity, and high intensity.


PA1003 is particularly applicable to rotary pumps and reciprocating pumps with mediums of strong chemical corrosive, or
containing particles.
PA1016 is widely used for both static and dynamic sealing applications. Particularly suitable for valves, pumps, expansion
joints, mixers and agitators in high temperature and high pressure environments in paper mills, power stations and chemical plants.

Forms of Supply:

In coils, e.g. 5kgs or 10kgs per coil;
As packing rings (PR1003, PR1016).

Service Limits:

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