Reinforced Graphite Packing

PA1000R Reinforced graphite packing

Braided from low sulphur expanded graphite yarns and reinforced with nickel wire, the packing shows greater mechanical
strength, meanwhile it still retains all the inherent benefits of PA1000 graphite packing, such as good thermal conductivity
and chemical resistance, very low friction factor, etc.

PA1000RC Reinforced graphite packing with corrosion inhibitor

The corrosion inhibitor acts as a sacrificial anode to protect the valve stem and stuffing box.


PA1000R & PA1000RC are multi-service packings capable of a wide variety of uses throughout a plant. They apply to most
chemicals, acids & alkalis, and are very suitable for steam turbines, high temperature motor actuated valves, high
temperature and high pressure valves and steam services.

A recommended method is to use the graphite packing rings in conjunction with Uni-seals PR1600 carbon fiber anti-
extrusion packing rings.

Forms of Supply:

In coils, e.g. 5kgs or 10kgs per coil;
As packing rings (PR1000R, PR1000RC).

Service Limits:

Maximum temperature Pressure Shaft speed PH range Density
-220°C~+550°C (+650°C in steam)
Agitator 50bar, 2m/s
Valve 400bar, 2m/s

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