Glass Fiber Rope

Glass fiber is outstanding in different organic and inorganic fibers, and is an ideal replacement for asbestos materials. It
has many excellent features, such as high strength, high temperature resistance, low density, low thermal conductivity,
good insulation, non-flammable, and so on.

PA6110 Round braided glass fiber rope

Round braided from texturized glass fiber yarns. It is a strong and stable rope.

PA6120 Twisted glass fiber rope

Twisted from a number of texturized glass fiber yarns. It is a dry, flexible rope.


Widely used as static seals for heat insulation and fire prevention in containers, heaters, manholes, lid covers, and pipes. Suitable for use in chemically neutral mediums, such as water, steam, air, oils, etc.

Service Limits:

Maximum Temperature PH range Density (PA6110)

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