Emdad Al Sharqiyah Region Trading Co

Oil and industrial product supplies


About us

Emdad Al Sharqiyah Region Trading Company is a multinational business firm engaged in the supply and services of various specialized industrial products. We  supply Industrial Gaskets, Sheets, Rubber, and other oil field industrial items in bulk quantity all over saudi Arabia

The company has achieved commendable reputation in the oilfield market by developing mutual trust,supply quality products and offer the best price among the market.

We help procurement team to enjoy a riskless, trustworthy and genuine purchase of quality products.

Advanced warehousing techniques

Advanced warehousing techniques and proper safety procedures are implemented to meet urgent requirements and safety of the products

Efficient solutions and wide networks

Advanced business solutions and networks are used in the well-functioning of entire operations and efficeint personnel

Dedicated sales and talented engineering

A well experienced sales and engineering team is dedicating their efforts to the accomplishment of entire customer satisfaction and continual improvement of overall quality


Emdad Al Sharqiyah, Dammam,

Saudi Arabia, 32254


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