We Provide highly leakage proof gaskets depending on the need. Metallic, semi-metallic and Non -metallica gaskets are available in bulk quantities

Rubber Gasket

Ceramic Fibre Gasket

Compressed Asbestos Fibre Gasket

Gasket types available in bulk quantities

  1.  Rubber Gasket
  2. Ceramic Fiber Gasket
  3. Compressed Asbestos Fiber Gasket
  4. Compressed Non-asbestos Fiber Gasket
  5. Corrugated Metal Gasket
  6. Flat Metal Gasket
  7. Graphite Gasket
  8. Kammprofile Gasket
  9. Machined Metal Gasket
  10. Metal Jacketed Gasket
  11. PTFE Bonded Rubber Gasket
  12. PTFE Envelope Gasket
  13. PTFE Gasket
  14. Ring Joint Gasket
  15. Rubber O-ring
  16. Silicone Rubber Cord/Strip
  17. Spiral Wound Gasket


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